A Bloke's Guide to Family Law & Child Support

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The complete Centrelink Chapter

Submission on De Facto Bill

Privacy Breakthrough

Parkinson's Curse - Assessment Doubles

Is New Formula Fair to Carer and Taxpayer?

Gender War with New Formula

The Howard Legacy, Child Support Agreements

Lawyer Trust Funds - the Ultimate Oxymoron

The Sweetest Victory of All

Huge Increase in False Sex Cases?

Don't be fooled by new Div 12A

The new formula is a SHAM

The Complete Privacy Chapter

The Aged Pension Rort

Just when you thought one more book on Family Law was one too many, like a Phoenix from the Ashes rises a BlockBuster of a book to explain to Bloke everything he was afraid to ask about blood sucking lawyers and those pesky varmits at the Child Support Agency.

We had witnessed the Mexican Standoff and subsequent Spanish Inquisition where the Federal Magistrates challenged the Family Court Judges to a BikeOff over ownership of certain Tea-bags and Bikkies [possibly Arnott's Iced Vo Vos], and you probably thought things could not get any more exciting than that - but think again!

Yes, there's more

This BlockBuster digs way, way deeper into the workings of the Family Law Industry [and those in power who support the FLIndustry]

All your old pals are there, like Captain Smirk, the kiddie chucker bloke and the Lying Rodent himself, complete with a whole entourage of FireWalls, designed [save for this book] to keep you from getting those "well worn Wellington boot" things, so hard to find, of Access to Justice and Your Day in Court.

On the more "Intellectually Responsible" side [thanks to Walters FM for the expression], the book delves into all manner of abuses against Bloke, mainly by blood sucking lawyers and the CSA. And because my intellectually responsible belief is that the principal employer of lawyers in Oz is in fact the CSA, I conclude that we are talking to "one & the same".

And there are also "Pathways" [to coin a former gummt slurp word] on how to use your own Enigma Machine [via the Acts Interpretation Act 1901] to decode the Child Support Assessment Act, recently kneecapped by Rodent and "his little mates" like Parky, to give an illusion that Bloke no longer can have his day in court to, inter alia, get relief from the dreaded Deem & Destroy by the COAT, RICAT, CTP and SSAT [and any other quango the gummt might think up, going forward, towards your closure].

And who could forget Ginger Snatch and RimmerGate, an amazing matter at the FMS where a magistrate was apparently fired because she did not plagiarise a judgment where the alter ego of a Used Car Yard was "doing blow jobs on blokes". And you thought family law was boring? Unfortunately Bloke in this book potentially is up for far worse jobs done on him than blow jobs, so I will introduce the main characters.

The Cast


The bloke [herein "bloke"] is simply the provider of the $20 billion pa windfall of the FLIndustry. What is disturbing however is that he seems to do this with minimal intellectually responsible resistance/protest, given that it is his money.

Moreover, it seems that Stockholm Syndrome and general softcock apathy [while screaming his tits off] says that bloke is not about to do anything at all to give himself relief from "the Winter of his discontent", and gladly thunders down what the FLIndustry calls The Yellow Brick Road, at 6,000 RPM.

Former Feminist Minister Patterson explained it via one of her Pork Barrelling entities at MensLine as "Toxic Masculinity". But Rodent had to "let her go" when I "Called a Shenanigans" on her, so maybe that expression has lapsed back into the Greer Verse Book. Not a smart move on my part as we now have Mr Brough [pronounced Bruff as in Gruff] "chasing deadbeat to their graves", in total ignorance of the Privacy Act, but at least I got Patterson off my back.

So I set up BlokesLine to replace the failed MensLine, with not one cent of gummt money

And as I was conscripted by Rodent's Mentor, Pig Iron Bob to "kill the Yellow Peril" in Vietnam, it was axiomatic that I would complain to Minister Dana Vale regarding faggot lawyer John "ANZAC" Marsden using the word ANZAC in a faggot way. When Vale failed to act Rodent gonged her as well.

So as they say, "Don't Shoot the Messenger". I simply do what I can, and take bloke to water in the book and it is up to bloke if he wants to drink, or look/kick that same gift horse in the mouth.


Buttercup is the darling of the FLIndustry [and so also of the Gummt], and is the Official Salesperson for the whole $20 billion pa pig trough, for which she is well rewarded, but not to the same extent as the FLIndustry rewards itself. You will see in the book that she avoids the Yellow Brick Road by buying her Stairway to Heaven.

Video Evidence

Here is the famous R & R case from America [as seen on UTube, over-ruling Judge Judy], where The Divorce Doctor gets "a mention", without more [but who needs more?].

The FLIndustry & Gummt

As they say "marketing sows the seeds, sales reaps the harvest", meaning that unless the marketing is correct [ie biased to give an assured outcome] the sales won't happen. The book explains how the FLIndustry "massages" the legislation to get the desired result, and if impediments to injustice get in the way, the Gummt "reforms" the legislation, always using the same two truisms:

What good fortune for governments that the people do not think.
Adolf Hitler

The state must declare the child to be the most precious treasure of the people. As long as the government is perceived as working for the benefit of the children, the people will happily endure almost any curtailment of liberty and almost any deprivation.
Adolf Hitler

Of course "Gummt" is Copyright to Martn Fergson.

The Book Cover

I designed the image on the cover as a "collage" way back in 1993 by combining clip art from PowerPoint [ie 14 years before Rodent/AG/Parky came up with the idea of obfuscating legislation by using PowerPoint Bullet Lists, albeit nullified by your Enigma Machine the AIAct].

Now this same collage has been on the front cover of nearly 500 Reports I have sent to blokes on their "family law recovery plan", but not one has ever said anything. On the other hand, several blood sucking lawyers have told me it is "a bit rich", I guess because it competes with their own invention of The Family Law Cow [a "restricted to lawyers" picture with the parents pulling at both ends of the cow and the lawyer sitting on a stool, milking as hard as he can go].

The amazing thing is even though I was as green as a jalapeno back then, the message is still correct in 2007. We have the scales of justice being weighed down by Buttercup's DIP [Divorce Investment Portfolio] with the big house, while the kiddies are left high & dry, and trying to escape the pedophiles. And the court sits in the background doing diddly squat. Of course bloke is not even in the picture.


You can "download" the Table of Contents and Introduction for a preview, or

Child Support and Family Law Notes

Child Support Assessment

The Formula

The Child Support Scheme was introduced in 1989 via the Child Support (Assessment) Act 1989 , which provided for Administrative Assessment of Child Support to an Administrative Formula under Part 5. The formula was based on the Child Support Income of both parents and the Number of Children. Further aspects of the formula allowed a "credit" for the Exempted Income of the Payer and the Disregarded Income of the Payee as well as recognition for Categories of Care for both parents, based upon any Court Orders in Child Matters in the Family Law Act Part VII under such expressions as Access, Contact, Residence, Custody, Visitation, with further terminology such as Shared Care, Substantial Contact, Resident Parent, Contact Parent, Carer being used.

Child Support Agreement

Part 6 of the act allowed for parents to be able to Consent to a Child Support Agreement, albeit that the Child Support Agency and Centrelink claim [but not supported by the Legislation] that if the Payee is on a Pension, Allowance, Payment or Benefit the Child Support Agreement must be the same as an Administrative Assessment


If a Payer or Payee seeks to Depart from the Formula, Part 7 of the Act provides for an application to a court by a payer or payee, who need to establish a Departure Ground in the Special Circumstances of the Case under s 117 of the Act. If that Threshold Test is satisfied the court then must decide if it is both Just and Equitable and Otherwise Proper to Depart from the Formula.

Part 7 also allows for other Appeals against Assessment, including the making of a declaration that a Mother is not entitled to Child Support because the Payer has convinced the court under the Family Law Act [normally by DNA Parentage Testing] that he is not the father.

Change of Assessment Team [COAT]

Part 6A was introduced in 1992 to give the power to the Child Support Registrar to make a Determination to assist parents considering seeking a Departure from a court. The CSA has "enhanced" Part 6A from "Advisory" to "Executive" whereby a Senior Case Officer makes a Notice of Decision which the CSA claim to have the same power as a court order, and they term this Change of Assessment. They claim that s 75 provides a Head of Power to do so, despite several instances of Obita Dictum by the courts to the contrary. The CSA re-write the provisions of s 117 changing Grounds to Reasons and Just and Equitable to Fair. The process is distinguished by a large number of Deem and Destroy Decisions which can create a Phantom Debt of up to $25,000, from this process in which there are no Rules of Evidence, thus making the process an official Kangaroo Court

Child Support Collection

The Child Support (Registration and Collection) Act 1988

This Act, along with the establishment of the CSA itself, was introduced in 1988 as the first part of the Child Support Scheme, whereby Payees for an Order for Child Maintenance made under Part VII or Part VIII [prior to 1987] of the Family Law Act or an Order for Spouse Maintenance made under Part VIII of the Family Law Act could be Registered for Collection by the CSA. In 1989 Child Support Assessments were added to those Registerable Liabilities, but not Child Support Agreements not registered in court [albeit the CSA has illegally collected many such agreements].

Collection Methods

Upon the election of the Payee, the Payer of a Liability legally Registered under the Collection Act is required to either pay directly to the CSA or his Employer is required to employ Employer Withholding [aka as Garnishing]. If a payment is not made a Debt to the Commonwealth builds up on the Child Support Register [with Penalty Interest] and as a first recourse the CSA may intercept any monies due to the Payer via his Tax Return.

Enforcement Summons

If a debt remains after the above devices the CSA may ask a court to issue an Enforcement Summons under the Family Law Rules and by this action may recover the debt from the Property of the Payer [albeit that certain items such as cooking stoves etc are excluded under Order 33 and its later versions]

Enforcement from Suicide Victims

The CSA and Family Law in general is said to be responsible for some three Male Suicides per day and if such an Ex Payer has been COATed or otherwise been Deemed to have a Phantom Debt the CSA employs Legal Aid Solicitors to recover the Phantom Debt from the Estate of the dead Payer.