Family Law Faggot Lawyers Demean our Glorious Dead ANZACs

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One of the most shocking examples of lawyers acting badly on the public record was the video "Till Divorce Us Do Part". The letters of complaint to the Minister for Veterans Affairs and her reply are self explanatory. Please let her or me know if you too don't approve.

Dear Ms Vale,

Thank you for your reply to my email to you complaining of the derogatory and demeaning use of the word ANZAC by family law lawyers.

It has now become opportune with the Howard Inquiry into Family Law and CSA matters to reply to your answer, and copy to the Inquiry Committee

It seems one of the questions afoot is "should the law be changed to assumption of joint parenting?". The answer is "NO", because "the law" was changed (again) in 1996 to say just that and for court contested matters (5%) there is 40% residence to dad or "joint". So that gives 2% overall.

The problem is for the 95% who go via lawyers and the "consent" process to orders - ALL make mum the so called "parent in possession". Lawyers call it "House & Garden" (see Watt, Taussig prattle to JSC in 1994). So overall result is still only 2% with joint custody or whatever the flavour of the month word is this month.

Part of this evil industry (and very typical) is our little ANZAC faggot Marsden and his little mate. Now to tie this together you said that although the reference to ANZAC was regrettable it was not intended for commercial gain (by the ABC), so it did not offend the legislation.

Perhaps we might revisit the text of the original complaint, but this time with the audio assisted by a video clip, and extended to demonstrate the commercial gain the faggot Marsden intended by "going to jail like a silly little ANZAC".

Check the still on the left with Marsden throwing a "Mark Latham CongoLine air suckarse" to his faggot mate Goldfinger [both RIP now, fortunately for little kiddies in toilets, Wynyard or other]

It is this very same commercial marketing of family law by the FLIndustry which has caused the whole situation of broken families under investigation at present, and nothing to do with the "law". As far as pedophilia in the FLIndustry making the exploits of "the church industry" as per the recently departed GG et al look like a Sunday school picnic, it is best to remain silent on such submission, as Franca Arena found.

So please reconsider your lack of action against these faggots, and I hope the FL Committee might consider like action in their recommendations this time around, rather than another word change from custody to residence or whatever.

The Divorce Doctor

You replied on 10 February 2003 stating:

I refer to your email of 30 December 2002 to the Minister for Veterans' Affairs, the Hon Danna Vale MP, concerning the use of the word 'Anzac' in connection with the television series 'Hypothetical'. The Minister has asked me to respond on her behalf.

Generally speaking, under the Protection of Word 'Anzac' Regulations, the use of the word 'Anzac' or any word resembling 'Anzac' in connection with any trade, business, calling, profession or entertainment, is forbidden without the Minister's authority. The intent of the Regulations is to limit the inappropriate use of the word in order to preserve the significance of the relationship of the word with the bravery and self-sacrifice of the first Anzacs.

In this instance the Minister believes that the use of the word 'Anzac' is regrettable, but not one which is intended to be covered by the Regulations. Even if the Regulations did apply in these circumstances, the Minister would not refer this matter for prosecution given that the use of the word was incidental to the series and the program producers would not have obtained any commercial gain from using the word.

Thank you for raising this matter with the Minister.

My email stated:

Dear Ms Vale,

I am complaining to you about the illegal use of the word "ANZAC" in the reference herebelow. I am requesting you to issue such sanctions as may be within your power/jurisdiction as Minister for Veteran Affairs.

My initial complaint was to the RSL, who directed me to your attention as the "keeper" of the word ANZAC.

I am seeking action against the parasite involved, or failing your jurisdiction/inclination to do so, verification of such to me so as I may take such legal action myself.


The 2 JPG files herein, combined with the WAV file are taken from a VHS video entitled "Till Divorce Us Do Part". It is a Granada production 85057 and is brilliantly produced/devised by Geoffrey Robertson as part of the "Hypothetical" series. This video is annotated as being prepared as part of Law Week 1986.

If you click on the ANZ.WAV file hereabove you will hear these words from the video, uttered by Joe Goldstein

"I'd subpoena John and stick him in the witness box and say well, now tell us ANZAC, where are the kids"

My complaint is in regards to both the actual use of the word ANZAC as well as the context in which it is used.


I will assure you from the outset that, unlike the present Government in the "Kirby affair", I am NOT "Heffer-phobic" - as long as these people keep away from me and my kids, they can do what they want. From his own admissions on Channel 9 and in court the character depicted as ANZAC (John Marsden) is a raging fairy (if not a raging pedophile), and, inter alia, a simple inspection of the WAV file lilt will reveal that Joe seems similarly inclined.

For the record, Joe was a judge of the Family Court in the early days, in the reign of Evatt CJ. Maybe Liz didn't like poo-pushers and sacked him - who knows, who cares! However by 1986 he was simply a "solicitor" (ie not even a lousy barrister) and the last time I saw him (loosing) in court in 1996 in Vlug & Poulos, he was still just a "solicitor", albeit that he may well have gained the embellishment suggested by Robertson in the Hypothetical of a "family law solicitor" (aka a super parasite).

Nothing turns therefore on the fact that the central characters were camper than a boy scout bivouac, though I will draw some analogy to the abuse of the word "gay"


I have been, and continue to be, emotionally upset since I first viewed the Hypothetical video. I am obviously not a true ANZAC but I was conscripted for the Vietnam war, and served my country for the required 2 years.

I first viewed the video 4 years ago and I have tried ever since to control the repulsive anger I felt for those involved. I even went to Relationships Australia for "anger management" but my anger was only increased by my realisation that, as a taxpayer, I was funding such feminist clap trap as RA.

The final straw was the recent death of the last true ANZAC Alec Campbell. It was the extreme comparison between the actions of this gallant hero and those of Goldstein/Marsden, which finally convinced me to try to offload some of my anger, initially (and hopefully finally) via this email to you.


Lawyers have always been on the nose (or at least since Jeremy Bentham in 1767 coined the phrase "Judge & Co") but moreso recently with "ambulance chasing" lawyers causing huge problems with public liability insurance, resulting in the termination of many community activities including, of course, ANZAC Day celebrations in some towns.

And we also have the boat chasing lawyers forcing the Government into such as the Pacific Solution to avoid the taxpayer shelling out billions to bleeding heart lawyers. Even the PM, a solicitor himself, has been moved to criticise "Vadarlis & Co" regarding the recent "British Embassy affair".

Lawyers are undoubtedly on the very bottom rung of the chook perch in our society, gaining the label of parasite from the greater community.


Lurking in the smelly turbid mess UNDER the bottom rung of the chook perch resides the so called "family law lawyer". There is a creature called Gollum in the presently popular Tolkien classic "Lord of the Rings" which comes close to depicting the character of FLLawyers, as per Goldstein/Marsden.


The Hypothetical goes on to demonstrate the utter brilliance of Robertson, rivalling that of Bentham, to expose the tricks/tactics of the FLIndustry, even though he never partook in such pig-swill as a lawyer. The scenario is that mum deserts the family, as normal, to do a Greerite "find herself" and, once returned, is predictably made "the parent in possession" by the Family Court (because being female she is assumed to be "nurturing" - the normal stuff of FCA hearings which costs the taxpayer millions every year).

Then Robertson injects the normal pedophile, arranged by the FLIndustry, to molest the kids. In the scenario he is depicted by the taxi driver Wayne.

Dad decides to save the kids and flees with kids to Port Douglas (albeit 2 years before Skase made it famous). The scenario says Marsden knows where kids are and won't tell, and Joe is trying to find the details, hence the exchange where he calls Marsden "ANZAC".

As we all know there is not one single FLLawyer in Oz who actually helps dads and kids. In ALL cases where the above scenario is played out, dad is hunted down like a dog, drawn and quartered, with entrails posted outside domestic violence refuges as a warning, and kids returned by the "bees to the honeypot" (per Wood J - eg DOCS in NSW) to the waiting pedophile.

Any solicitor who tried to stand up for the bloke and kids would be immediately blacklisted by Judge & Co, and could no longer operate as a FLParasite. That is a given. IF Marsden did what he tries to depict, he would be cactus. Hence at the end of the WAV file you will hear the nervous laughter of the assembled troop of lawyers and judges, past (eg Pawley), present (in 1986 - eg Fogarty) and future (eg Rose), as well as CFM Bryant.

I therefore get to the gravamen of my agony and hence complaint. I apologise for drawing the explanation out but most people (apart from Robertson and myself) have no insight into the workings of the FLIndustry, and without such insight you would not understand the depths of my agony.

The reason Goldstein called Marsden "ANZAC" was that he was comparing his (hypothetical) task to that of the brave but hopeless efforts of our ANZACs who gave their lives to, once again, carry out idiotic battle plans by British generals. Whether or not you agree with that assessment, no FLParasite would ever put his parasite mate in "the box", let alone even argue against him/her. That's the way things are in family law, and the reason for the nervous giggles.

In this way Goldstein, in calling his mate "ANZAC", is using that sacred word in a manner which completely devalues every nuance of the word. He is saying that Marsden, in holding out on kids whereabouts, would be a "silly little soldier on a mission of certain death". THAT was the context that drew the giggles from the assembled parasites and THAT is the reason for my agony and request for action against this parasite.


I understand you are only the keeper of the word ANZAC, but you might be also able to point me in the right direction for the keeper of the word "gay".

It seems that in recent times the more garrulous of the shirt lifters have hijacked the word "gay" to describe themselves, albeit that respectable homosexuals such as Kirby J simply say "homosexual" - without more.

I have no problem with "poofter", "queer" etc (or other common terms used above), but the use of gay is offensive to me.

I associate gay with fine English prose and my childhood memories such as:

"Boys and girls come out to play
happy and gay the Laxette way"

The word gay conjured up visions of happy kiddies, frolicking in fields of flowers, with well bowels - free from the pain of constipation.

Under the present "art", my vision is degraded to that of a couple of old faggots like Joe and John swaggering down the street, hand in hand, like a couple of washing machines on heat.

But aside from that, can you please assist with ANZAC issue, so we can lift the word out of the family law pig trough, once and for all.

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